Chilling Facts About Environmental Health / Global Warming Facts

Global Warming Facts

Fact #1: Global Warming is Happening

There are signs of climate change all over the world:

Fact #2: Humans are the Main Cause of Global Warming

Natural changes in the Earth’s orbit have a major influence on the climate and weather patterns. In the past, the planet experienced several warming and cooling periods due to changes in the orbit in regard to the sun. Furthermore, some scientists argue that natural changes in solar output can dramatically influence the Earth’s weather trends as well. Most scientists, however, reject variations in the Earth’s orbit and solar output as a possible explanation for the current global warming because:

Rather than natural processes on the Earth or sun, the current global warming can be attributed to human activities, above all to industrialisation, pollution and deforestation. These increase the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, creating the effect of a greenhouse which results in the rise of the average global temperature.

Fact #3: We are Facing a Very Uncertain Future

If the global average temperature will continue to rise, the entire planet is facing a very uncertain future including: